The Beginning of The Curse


This Musical Theater is a masterpiece from Ms. Hafeezah Sulong or her Cast Name Adreena Aleeyza Adli, a teacher from SMK Permas Jaya 3, Masai Johor. After her successful theater entitled 'The Last Tribute to... The Pearl in 2010, her journey of directing a theater continues this year as to honour the first year's Literature Component Text for form 5 which is "The Curse" written by Lee Su Ann. Her objective in completing this Musical Theater is to give a better understanding of the story in sense of its Characters, Setting, Plots and Moral Values to all form 5 students mainly in Johore. Her wish, is that to introduce her talented crews which comprises of 51 ordinary yet gifted students to the whole Johore. Though they are not blessed with intelligence, their spirits, strengths and hard work in making this Theater a successful should be admired. They might be ordinary but they have extraordinary talents!

Come and watch this breath taking performance by this Adiswara Theater Club of SMK Permas Jaya 3. Book your seats for only RM10 early as the seatings are limited. The venues and time of performance are as follow:-
18th June 2011 - Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM Skudai
2nd July 2011 - Dewan Serbaguna Johor Jaya, Johor
23rd July 2011 - Dewan SRJK (C) Chong Hwa, Kluang
TIME : 8.30am - 11.30am , 2.30pm - 4.30pm , 8.30pm - 11.30pm

HOTLINE : 010-8259005 , 010-8259006 , 017-2885298


We are deeply sorry to inform all the viewers out there that there are some changes of plan for our Roadshow this year... We were hoping to perform in Muar and Segamat...unfortunately due to some problems and technical seems like we have to postpone the shows in Segamat and Muar to January 2012...

The good news is... we are performing in KLUANG, JOHOR....The Venue is SJKC Chong Hwa 2, Kluang Johor.... For the districts of Mersing, Batu Pahat and Kluang...All form 4 and 5 students are invited to watch this epic, spellbinding and bewitching show...! Wait no more cause KLUANG will be the witness of our legendary yet breathtaking Musical Theater....!

The Curse Team


The best team performing the first successful teather 'the curse...a new beginning'
at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,Skudai Johor Bharu..

Presents to you
the team involves in making this BEWITCHING PLAY
''The Curse...A New Beginning''

Director :

Ms. Hafeezah bt Sulong aka Adreena Aleeyza Adli

Advisors :

En Shukor b Mohd Nor ( Yayasan Warisan Johor )
Ms Lola ( Aswara )

Production Manager :

Ms. Munirah bt Abdul Razak

Props Manager:

En. Azmi Ismail

Assistant Props Manager :


Costume Designer :

Puan Norwahyu bt Abdul Manaf

Dance Instructor :

Puan Yafidah Yahya
Cik Norita bt Abdul Razak

Choreographer :

En. Yanto (Yayasan Warisan)

Multimedia Manager :

Mohd Haniff bin Sulong

Lee Yee Ling
Lee Yee Sin

Actors/Actresses :

NorSyahirah bt Ahmad Tarmizi
Mohammad Fahmi bin Zulikab
Abdul Lathif b Mohd Kamarulzaman
Mohd Irfan b Sheikh M. Nasir
Nur Amirah bt Sheikh M. Nasir
Mohamed Ismee b Tahir
Nur Azzyati Atiqah bt Rosli
Mohamed Ismee b Tahir
Siti Amiera Mohd Yusof
Mohd Izad b Azali
Nur Shakila bt Kranin
Nurul Najwa bt Rosli
Farah Najiha bt Kosni
Farah NurSyahirah bt Mohammad Dahlan
Mohamed Haziq b Mohamed Sham
Isra Daniel b Mohd Yusof

Dancers :

Muhammad Shahmi b Ruslan
Alwani bt Ismail
Nurazreen Farhana
Mohamed Ismee b Tahir
Mohd Riduan b Seliman
Siti Robaizura bt Ibrahim
Hillary Chia
Nurul Aina bt Halid
Azira Lydia bt Md Ramlan
Tuan Suhadi b Tuan Safie
Muhammad Zulhairi b Md Jailani
Puan Yafidah Yahya
En. Azmi Ismail

Costume Designers :

Nursyafeeza bt Syamsuddin
Norqamarina bt Mohamad
Nursyafiqah Shamsudin
Nor Aisyah bt Mohd Khair
Marliana bt Rahimi

Props Masters :

Nurfatihah Syafiqah bt Mohtar
Nur Syazani b Rahimi
Mohd Syafiq b Samsudin
Rudi Saputra b Azmi
Muhamad Faisal b Noordin
Muhamad Rahmat b Rahwi
Amirul Azfar b Abdul Rahim
Muhamad Hafiidz b Zawawi
Tuan Syahmi b Tuan Safie
Mohd Rafiuddin b Haron

About ''The Curse''


In English

“The Curse” is about a girl, named Azreen, her parents and sister, Madhuri. Azreen, a strong-headed girl is studying in London but has to take a leave from her study when she receives the news about her sister’s death. She is curious about the cause of her sister’s sudden death. When she reaches home, her sister’s body has been brought to the cemetery. She overhears a village gossiper, Puan Normala talks about her sister’s death. Normala claims that her sister has been murdered and has shed white blood.

On her return, Azreen discovers a few truths about her family and people around her. First she finds out that her sister has been in love with Asraf, and has planned to marry and divorced her husband, Hj Ghani. Second, Awang, the Shaman has actually caused the accident which his parents are involved in and causes her mother to become paralysed. Third, she learns that Madhuri is actually her adopted sister and the crazy woman is Madhuri’s biological mother. Fourth and finally, she discovers that Madhuri has accidentally been killed by her father.

There is one old woman whom Azreen has turned to for emotional support. The old woman lives alone in an abandoned house in the jungle. Azreen learns a lot about life from this wise old woman. The old woman however dies in a fire started by Asraf who has blamed her for his grandmother’s death.

At the end, Azreen returns to London to finish her study. She has learned a valuable lesson from her short break at her little village in Langkawi Island. She has learned to forgive others and to look ahead.

In Bahasa Melayu

Cerita "The Curse" berlatarkan kepada sebuah pulau kecil berhampiran Pulau Langkawi. Watak utama cerita ini, Azreen Saleh terpaksa menangguhkan pengajiannya di London dan pulang ke kampung halamannya setelah menerima berita kematian kakaknya, Madhuri. Setibanya di rumah, Azreen mendapati ibunya hampir tidak mengenalinya lagi akibat penyakit Alzheimer sedangkan bapanya Saleh Abdullah masih bersikap dingin terhadapnya. Kematian Madhuri di selubungi misteri dan Azreen bertekad mencari jawapan kepada segala pertanyaan.

Khabar angin tersebar di kampung kononnya Madhuri mati dibunuh dan pada saat kematiannya telah mengalirkan darah putih. Ini dipercayai sumpahan Madhuri terhadap seluruh kampung.

Kejadian misteri telah melanda. Bilik Madhuri terbakar, bangkai ayam yang di patahkan tengkuk di jumpai di hadapan rumah Azreen, hujan turun berterusan membanjiri kampung dan merosakkan tanaman, seorang wanita yang mirip wajah Madhuri dijumpai beberapa kali dan kematian nenek kawan Azreen yang tidak disangka.

Sedikit demi sedkit misteri pembunuhan Madhuri diselesaikan. Rahsia demi rahsia terbongkar satu persatu. Benarkah Madhuri mengenakan sumpahan terhadap kampungnya? Siapakah Madhuri sebenarnya? Apakah Azreen dapat memaafkan Asraf, Madhuri,Saleh dan meneruskan kehidupannya seperti biasa.

The Curse Characters


Azreen Saleh
( Norsyahirah bt Ahmad Tarmizi )

Azreen Saleh is the daughter Saleh Abdullah. She is the total opposite of her sister, Madhuri who is pretty, sweet, polite and obedient. Hence, she was always compared to her and she hates it. She was a tomboy when in school, and she often got into trouble. Her bestfriend in school was Asraf. She would do anything to help him, even if it meant taking the blame for his faults. She did had feelings for him, but Asraf was in love with someone else. She seems not to get along with her father. She joined a foster programme and met her foster parents, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli, and they remain close even when the programme ended. She was offered a scholarship to study in UK, and she hadn’t gone home for a long time – not until Madhuri’s death.

Madhuri Saleh
( Siti Amiera Mohd Yusof )

Madhuri Saleh is the adopted daughter of Saleh Abdullah who has kept it a secret. He found her seemingly abandoned at a paddy field. He fell in love with her immediately and raised her as his own. She married Haji Ghani, the village headman and was his second wife. She had an affair with Asraf though, and they planned to get married and run away together. But she was murdered by Saleh when he caught them together at the rubber estate.

Saleh Abdullah ( Abdul Lathif b Md. Kamarulzaman )
Saleh Abdullah is the father of Azreen and Madhuri. He seemed to love Madhuri more than Azreen. But he knew that Azreen’s characteristic is very much like him, and that is why they don’t really get along. He blames Azreen for his wife’s accident that caused her feet to be paralyzed – a fault that Azreen claimed to do but actually didn’t. He caught Madhuri with another man and killed her out of rage.

(Nur Azyyati Atikah bt Rusli )

Azreen and Madhuri’s mother. Her feet were paralysed in an accident. Her Alzheimer was getting worse, so Saleh didn’t want to tell her about Madhuri’s death. She died not too soon.

Mohd Asraf
( Mohamad Fahmi b Zulikab )

Mohd Asraf is Azreen’s bestfriend since school. He works as a teacher. He had feelings for Madhuri since the first time he met her, and so did Madhuri, eventhough she was married. They planned to get married and run away, but she was murdered before they could. He was even more devastated with the death of his grandmother and he was convinced it was the doing of the Old Lady. He went there with an angry mob and set her house on fire.

Haji Ghani
( Mohamad Izad b Azali )

Haji Ghani is the village head. He took Madhuri as his second wife. Knowing Madhuri had an affair and was murdered, he decided to cover up the murder and make it look like an accident.

Puan Fatih
( Nurshakila bt Kranin )

Puan Fatihah is Haji Ghani’s first wife. Her life changed since Madhuri entered their lives. She felt bitter then, and she even feels bitter now that Haji Ghani is mourning the death of Madhuri and always angry at her. She plans to get a charm from the village witchdoctor to get her husband back but didn’t when she bumped into Madhuri’s mother who looks like a ghost.

( Mohamed Ismee b Tahir )

Awang is the well-known ‘bomoh’ of the village. He is a rather strange man, but people do look for him for cures and charms. His actions seem suspicious, but he does it all for good, and he always mean to return the things that he took from the neighbours. He was the one who revealed to Azreen that Madhuri was not her sister. He is indebted to Azreen’s brave deed, that is taking the blame of not closing the buffalo’s gate which caused the accident of her mother, as he was the one who did it. So, he would help Azreen in any way he can since then.

( Nurul Najwa bt Rosli )

Siti is Puan Kamsiah’s daughter. She is Asraf’s student. Although people keep telling her that Azreen is a bad influence and that the Old Lady is evil, she thought the opposite of them when she met them. She is probably the only in the village who holds no prejudice against people.

( Farah Najiha bt Kosni )

Asraf’s ailing grandmother. She raised Asraf after the death of his parents. She was cured by the Old Lady, but died a few days later.

Puan Kamsiah
( Farah Nursyahirah bt Mohamad Dahlan )

Siti’s mother. She is influenced by every rumour that she is told, and wanted Siti to stay away from Azreen and the Old Lady.

Puan Normala
( Ms Hafeezah @ Hafizah bt Sulong )

The village’s biggest gossiper. She is very superstitious too. She claimed to see Madhuri bled with blood, and she believed that the whole island is cursed. The bad weather, people quarrelling and the appearance of the Old Lady in the village were bad signs for her. When she saw the Old Lady in Asraf’s house, she led a pack of people to get rid of her. However, they were stopped by Saleh.

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on 17th July 2011

The Making of "The Curse...A New Beginning"